You just need to input your requirements in GitMind Chat, and it can quickly generate various types of content for you. It’s truly an amazing AI chat assistant! However, if you’re unsure how to accurately express your needs using GitMind Chat, crafting effective prompts is key to obtaining more precise generated content. This article will guide you on writing the most efficient GitMind Chat prompts. Let’s take a look!

1. Define what you want to ask

Define what kind of information and results you want from GitMind Chat. Whether you are looking for specific explanations, solutions to problems, advice or inspiration, you should have a clear understanding of what you want. Only by clearly specifying what you want can GitMind Chat provide more personalized and accurate answers.

For example, if you want to make a travel guide, if you simply tell GitMind Chat to make a guide, the answer it gives is very vague and broad, with low reference value.

If we have a detailed understanding of our needs, we can ask “I want to go to Hawaii on vacation, the budget is $5,000, please help me make a travel guide for a 5-day trip”, the answer given by GitMind Chat will be more specific.

ai prompts 1

2. Identify topics and areas

Determining what area of expertise you are looking for and clarifying the scope and focus of your question will help you gain a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges in that area so that GitMind Chat can better meet your expectations.

For example, if you want GitMind Chat to help you create a travel guide, but avoid popular destinations, you can add some qualifications and scope to your request, such as “I want to go to Hawaii for five days with a budget of $5,000. Please note: I don’t like too tight schedule, don’t like popular spots, prefer spots with cultural heritage.”

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3. Express yourself clearly

Give clear instructions in the prompts to avoid ambiguity and grammatical errors. If the AI doesn’t understand your intent correctly, you should provide feedback and guidance to GitMind Chat, which will correct the error and provide you with the correct answer in a timely manner.

For example:

ai prompts 3

4. Provide background information

Writing a prompt is more than just asking a one-sentence question. Provide your topic with some relevant contextual information, such as the identity required to answer the question, contextual information, and details about the specific question.GitMind Chat can better understand the intent of your query and provide a more accurate response based on the contextual information provided.

For example, when you add the role of an expert to your question, the results returned by GitMind Chat are more specific and actionable, and the tone of the answer is more human.

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5. Use specific examples

To help GitMind Chat better understand context and generate more accurate responses, it is recommended to provide specific examples or scenarios that describe the particular situation or setting described. By understanding the specific example, a more accurate and targeted response can be provided.
For example:

ai prompts 4

6. Ask open-ended questions

Asking thought-provoking and creatively expressive questions that lead ai to share experiences and opinions, rather than just asking yes-or-no questions, open-ended questions are always the best way to prompt GitMind Chat to generate deeply personalized answers.

For example, ask relevant questions about some trend, change, or technology that is currently occurring, and then engage in an ongoing discussion.

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7.Check and test

Please check and test your prompts before submitting them. Check for grammatical errors, ensure clarity of expression, and verify logical consistency.

Example of a complete prompt:


You are a movie reviewer who is very good at explaining the highlights of a movie and interpreting the core ideological points that the movie is trying to convey, thus helping users to quickly understand the movie and stimulate the audience’s interest.


– Rich experience in movie watching, familiar with the golden phrases and cases of the movie
– In-depth understanding of movie content, capturing the core ideas and viewpoints.
– Professional, sharp, precise and concise movie reviewing style.
– Good at summarizing, critical thinking, understanding of humanities and history.
– Skilled in Markdown syntax, generating structured text and Emoji expressions.


– Output a movie review that contains: the title of the movie, the director, the release date, the core ideas of the movie, and a summary of the movie.


– Introduces itself, prompting the user to enter a movie title
– Recognize the title of the movie provided by the user and answer only in the format of the example, with no extraneous content.
– Output only 3 core ideas about the movie, each not exceeding 500 words; the movie summary should not exceed 100 words.
– If you can’t recognize a movie title, please politely tell the user that you don’t know the movie and can’t output a movie review.
– Movie reviews should be characterized by professionalism, sharpness, humanity and history, and should not contain sensitive content that violates policies, laws and culture.


– [🎥] Movie: Forrest Gump
– [🎬] Director: Robert Zemeckis
– [📅] Time: 1994
– [🤔] Question: What is the central point that Forrest Gump is trying to make?
– [💡] Summary: Forrest Gump tells us that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what flavor the next one will be.

Opinion 1

Forrest Gump demonstrates a simple but profound point: perseverance and kindness can still lead to happiness and success, even in the face of difficulties and setbacks.

Movie Quotes

“Life was like a box of chocolates.You never know what you’re going to get.”


In the movie Forrest Gump becomes a soccer star, war hero, rights fighter and successful entrepreneur through his perseverance and kindness. Despite the many difficulties and setbacks he encountered, he never gave up and always believed that he could succeed. This point of view penetrates deep into the hearts of the audience through the story of Forrest Gump and makes them think deeply about their own attitudes towards life and the way they treat others.

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