GitMind Chat Changelog

GitMind Chat Changelog December 2023 2023-12-1 [New] Assistant collaboration function has been launched, allowing you to invite others to edit assistant settings together. November 2023 2023-11-23 [New] AI agent builder function launched. Even if you don’t know prompts, you can quickly create your own assistant with the help of AI….

By GitMind Chat - 10/25/2023

GitMind Chat User Guide

Product Description 1. What is GitMind Chat? GitMind Chat is a next-generation cognitive intelligent model. It is capable of engaging in natural and interactive conversations with humans while simultaneously providing a range of abilities: Content Reply Ability: It can generate long-form replies in various styles and for different tasks, such…

By GitMind Chat - 08/17/2023

GitMind Chat Refund Policy

Refund Policy We value our customers and we strive to provide the best product experience and service to you. Our products all have free trials for people to utilize the functions before determining to purchase. We recommend our users try GitMind Chat online to see if it’s satisfactory to you….

By GitMind Chat - 08/17/2023

How to Write GitMind Chat Prompts?

You just need to input your requirements in GitMind Chat, and it can quickly generate various types of content for you. It’s truly an amazing AI chat assistant! However, if you’re unsure how to accurately express your needs using GitMind Chat, crafting effective prompts is key to obtaining more precise…

By GitMind Chat - 08/11/2023