GitMind Chat Changelog

December 2023


  • [New] Assistant collaboration function has been launched, allowing you to invite others to edit assistant settings together.
  • assistant collaboration

November 2023


  • [New] AI agent builder function launched. Even if you don’t know prompts, you can quickly create your own assistant with the help of AI.
  • agent builder


  • [New] Supports deleting assistants created by yourself.
  • [New] Support manual annotation by administrators to optimize the quality of assistant answers.
  • admin notes

October 2023


  • [New] Supports embedding personally created assistants on personal websites to serve as online customer service, etc.
  • embed assistant to site


  • [New] Add user feedback portal.
  • user feedback

  • [New] Added new plug-in function to support online search.
  • enable web access

September 2023


  • [New] Supports creating datasets.
  • create dataset

  • [Optimization] The chat interface has been revised to make role switching more convenient.
  • switch assistant

August 2023


  • [New] Supports viewing my assistants by category.
  • [New] Support inviting friends to get membership.
  • [Optimization] Role sharing has been optimized, and the session title and role information will be displayed after sharing.
  • [Optimization] Chat link sharing optimization.
  • [Optimization] Assistant switching optimization.
  • [Optimization] Click “My Assistant” to view “Shared by Me” and “Shared with Me”.
  • shared with me

July 2023


  • [New] Add My assistants, arranged in order of creation.
  • [New] Add new general assistant “GitMind Chat” to support quick switching between multiple roles.
  • [New] Add new recommended assistants, including senior translator, coding expert, writing master, legal consultant, etc.
  • [New] Supports creating personal assistants, and can set exclusive models, welcome words, avatars for the exclusive assistant.
  • [New] Supports sharing personally created exclusive assistants with others.
  • share assistant


  • [New] Add model switching entrance. The default is 3.5 and can be switched to 4.0.
  • [Optimization] Optimized conversation sharing experience. After clicking the share button, all conversation messages are selected by default.
  • [Optimization] Optimized the sharing style and display it in the form of a card when sharing to certain platforms.
  • [Optimization] Optimized input box experience.

June 2023


  • [New] Supports sharing conversations and canceling shared conversations.
  • share chat

  • [New] Supports file analysis and chat after uploading a file.
  • chat with doc

  • [New] Supports link analysis and chat after entering a link.
  • [Optimization] Inspiration library optimization.

May 2023


  • [New] Add inspiration library. The prompts in the inspiration library can be applied with one click.
  • [Optimization] Optimized user center settings.


  • [New] Add new shortcut key “/”. Enter “/” symbol in the input box to call up the inspiration library.
  • shortcut to call up inspiration library

  • [Optimization] Dialog input box experience optimization.


  • [New] Supports creating new conversations.
  • [New] Supports deleting conversation content.
  • [New] Supports copying conversation content.
  • [New] Supports regenerating conversation content.
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